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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Healing, gender, and the "Age of Aquarius"

Something strange happened in the last quarter of the twentieth century. The heavens opened up and it rained healing knowledge, and Bill's friend Bennett Mayrick was not the only recipient. A number of healing modalities developed as a result: Richard Gordon's Quantum Touch (which he learned from Bob Rasmussen, who was Gordon's own version of Bennett Mayrick); Richard Bartlett's Matrix Energetics, which came about when Bartlett, a DC and an ND, suddenly "saw" and healed an energetic aberration in a child, fixing her crossed eyes; Eric Perl's Reconnective Healing (here's another DC who suddenly saw strange things happen in his consulting room); Jeff Levin's Body Spin (Levin first learned from someone else, then developed his own method, which, coming from an architect, is appropriately architectural); Zdenko Domancic's Bioenergy Healing (it rained healing knowledge in the former Yugoslavia too). The strange thing is that these men teaching these modalities all seem to be more or less within the same age range, early fifties to early sixties. Does this have anything to do, I propose tongue in cheek, with the coming of the "Age of Aquarius"? (If I'm missing any women that anyone is aware of, let me know. I did think of Caroline Myss, who age-wise fits the profile, but she is a medical intuitive, not a healer. And Barbara Brennan predates the boys.) In particular I find it fascinating that Zdenko Domancic's chronology -- his method has been around for about thirty years -- is the same as Bill's, and that judging by the stuff that they both claim to able to heal -- the list includes cancer, AIDS, gangrene -- the energy seems to be from the same provenance. I am reminded that new inventions often appear simultaneously in different places, as if an idea percolating for quite some time in the group mind suddenly burst forth. (The discovery of the technology for the use of telephones, for instance, is claimed by both Russia and Canada.)

Update Dec. 22, 2009: It turns out that Zdenko Domancic was not the recipient of spontaneous healing ability but studied healing in the Soviet Union with a woman called Djuna Davitashvili, reported to be Leonid Brezsnev's energy healer. And recently I ran across a book by another woman healer, Joyce Whitely Hawkes, a former scientist who became a healer after an encounter with the "white light" when a stained-glass window fell on her head. Her book is called Cell-Level Healing. So it's not all men! We had a discussion in our group about men and women healers possibly approaching their talents differently, with the woman more likely to go about her business quietly, healing her family and friends, and the man more likely to try to gain a name (or "build an empire") for himself. We also wondered whether woman healers would be more reluctant to come forward because they still remember, on some visceral level or even in their very DNA, the witch burnings that many centuries ago decimated their kind.

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