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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A "new" kid on the block

One of my colleagues recently attended a Domancic workshop in Los Angeles. She had a great time and added the method to her other practices. She will be keeping me posted on the effectiveness of the technique.

The Domancic method is of interest to this blog because it also claims to heal cancer. In the video on the website ( two cancerous conditions are mentioned, one a breast cancer, the other leukemia. Leukemia is mentioned in passing, with Zdenko Domancic saying that already after a few days of treatment the numbers change (the "numbers" here I presume refer to leukocytes). Breast cancer is mentioned by an Israeli doctor whose wife's breast tumours decreased by "40, 50 per cent" in one course of treatment. Having myself seen the numbers in leukemia change dramatically in a patient who still died, with numbers in the "normal" ranges, and having also seen a tumour decrease in size by 50 per cent in two treatments and then continue to hang out at the new smaller size for months on end, I'd be curious to know the rest of the story in the Domancic cases. But all in all it does sound promising.

New practitioners in the method are instructed not to take on cancer until after they've had some practice under their belts, so it will be a while before we'll know how the new North American practitioners fare with the method in treating cancer.

In the meantime, it's worth keeping an eye on.

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