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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Can healing be learned? - Part 2

As a follow-up to yesterday's post, I would like to add that learning how to heal is not a black-and-white proposition. There are many shades of gray in the mix. At one end of the spectrum you can learn to speed up the healing of cuts and scrapes; at the other, to treat serious diseases like cancer. While most people seem to have the ability to some degree, a few seem to develop it to quite a sophisticated level. It may be that learning a variety of modalities develops this sophistication.

Also, it seems that the various modalities I described each have their own "specialty", and maybe even their own "frequency" or "bandwidth" or "energy signature". So Reiki claims to work on the spiritual level, with effects that may or may not manifest in physical healing. Quantum Touch is good with bones, as for instance scoliosis. The Bengston Method has been shown to be effective for curing cancer in mice and we have seen it extend life and reduce suffering in people. The Domancic Method will take on all manner of diagnosed medical conditions, including some quite serious ones like cancer and diabetis. Matrix Energetics is more amorphous, refusing to engage with "disease", as Richard Bartlett believes that the twin concepts of "health" and "disease" create a duality which then leads to a focus on "the problem set" rather than "the solution set", interfering with the possibility of healing.

I've commented before that in the early days when I only did QT and Reiki I had clients who could differentiate between the two, and would even express a preference for one or the other. That's what leads me to wonder about there being different "frequencies" and "energy signatures" to the different methods. So maybe each of these methods opens up a different portion of the whole, in which case the more modalities you learn, the better your access and the greater your range and ability in affecting various health conditions will be.

But I stand by my statement in the previous post that you still need to get your own "satellite dish" or direct connection before you can be as good as a Bill Bengston, or a Zdenko Domancic, or a Richard Bartlett (or an Eric Pearl, whom I have only left out because to date I haven't yet taken any of his workshops). I also believe that these teachers are only the advance guard for where humanity is next headed: a world where their strange and "anomalous" abilities will be commonplace and freely available to all, without workshops and without teachers.

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