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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Study finds Reiki is helpful to cancer patients in integrative care

Finally. A study has found Reiki to be helpful to cancer patients in an integrative cancer care setting, with study participants reporting an over 50 per cent decrease in anxiety, distress, pain, depression and fatigue after a single first-time session. The researchers report that
176 (82.6%) of participants liked the Reiki session, 176 (82.6%) found the Reiki session helpful, 157 (73.7%) plan to continue using Reiki, and 175 (82.2%) would recommend Reiki to others.
I have one bone to pick with these findings, and that is in the conclusion stating that "an integrative Reiki volunteer program shows promise as a component of supportive care for cancer patients." Specifically I have an issue with the word "volunteer". It is expected that persons with a skill that can significantly decrease pain, anxiety, distress and fatigue in cancer patients should not be paid for their time and effort. Why? I welcome your comments and observations.

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