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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dr. Bill Bengston on using energy for curing cancer in humans

Healing Humans

The eight hundred pound gorilla in the middle of the room is the question of whether any of this works on people ...

As I noted at the beginning, my experimental work grew out of clinical observations and my frustrations at not being able to isolate what works and why through clinical observation. Certainly people have been taught my techniques and applied them to people with some interesting anecdotal results. But to a researcher anecdotes are simply not enough. At what point will there be enough evidence to do a controlled study on people? I don’t think the question has a clear answer. While my passion is in the lab, I would certainly be open to some clinical trials. But in my experience watching human cancers being treated decades ago, my anecdotal clinical observation was that the most successful remissions were all associated with a lack of conventional treatments whose purpose was to kill cancer cells. When people speak of “complementary medicine,” perhaps the methods I am aware of are not really complementary to the current crop of conventional treatments. If that turns out to be so, then the difficulties of carrying out successful clinical trials are greatly compounded. I don’t yet know how to solve this problem. I do know that it is a problem worth pursuing.

This is excerpted from an article by Dr. William Bengston entitled "Breakthrough: Clues to Healing with Intention" in an e-journal called EdgeScience. If you are curious about some of the anecdotal evidence that exists for the Bengston method, read the early entries of this blog. We certainly would like to see the human clinical trials done that Dr. Bengston refers to, as we believe that the treatment of cancer through energy healing is a grail worth striving for.