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Friday, February 8, 2019

Post-script to "Bladder Stone Dissolved"

In my previous post I mentioned that M.'s bladder stone was dissolved through a combination of potassium citrate and energy healing treatments. This may lead people to ask whether in fact it was the potassium citrate alone that dissolved the stone. I found a 2009 PubMed paper about the use of potassium citrate for kidney stones that might help to answer this question.

Eight patients were enrolled in the study. Each had at least one kidney stone sized 15 mm or less. The study was divided into two 6-week periods. In the first 6-week period the subjects were told to drink 1500 ml of water a day. In the second 6-week period, they were given potassium citrate and potassium bicarbonate. These were the results:
During the first period of treatment stone burden remained unchanged in all patients. On the contrary after 6 weeks of potassium citrate/bicarbonate treatment, complete stone dissolution was found in three of the patients. In the other five cases a partial dissolution was observed and in two of them complete dissolution of the stone was achieved after prolongation of the treatment for 4 and 6 month[s] respectively.
M., in comparison, had a 25 mm stone, which dissolved in 21 days.