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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dr. Wayne Dyer on receiving treatment for his leukemia from John of God

A thought-provoking interview with Dr. Wayne Dyer:

"There are no previous lives. There are only parallel lives. Everything is happening at once. And that when you begin to assume the feeling of a wish that you would like to have fulfilled, which is what I did with this leukemia, it isn't just like an intellectual exercise where you say 'I am well and I live from that perspective', it's like you begin to feel that in your body and you experience the feeling of it and you assume the feeling of whatever wish you would like to have and you assume that it is already fulfilled." - Wayne Dyer.

I thank Upswing for the link.

Postscript, March 13, 2012: If you liked the interview, this one is also very good: Wayne Dyer and Anita Moorjani on the Aware Show.

Postscript August 29, 2015: The Dyer family has announced that Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away in his sleep last night. He was 75 years old. Rest in peace, Dr. Dyer.

Dr. Dyer's family wishes it to be known that he did not have leukemia at the time of his death.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Problems "hyper-cycling"?

I was recently contacted by a reader who said that he had difficulties getting into "hyper-cycling" mode and was asking for help. ("Hyper-cycling" is when you take Bill Bengston's image cycling sequence to what seems like impossible speeds. Listeners of the CDs and attendees of the workshops will know what I am speaking about here.)

I am not sure that anyone who merely reads the book or listens to the CDs can attain the speeds required for "hyper-cycling". But the good news is that hyper-cycling may not be necessary to activate healing.

In a relatively recent interview with Dean Radin of IONS Dr. Bengston mentions that he also heard from readers who had problems attaining the speeds required for what he calls "hyper-cycling", but who also said that they were still able to get healing effects.

I would say that worrying about not being good enough at "hyper-cycling" will get in the way of healing far more than not being able to "hyper-cycle". Even Dr. Bengston now theorizes that the ability to heal could be our birthright and that technique may in fact be secondary.

I was recently chatting with a neighbour who had had surgery done on her hand to correct a dislocated thumb. This neighbour is particularly sensitive to energy and as we were chatting she suddenly asked me if I was working on her thumb. I wasn't consciously doing any such thing and I asked what made her think that I was. She said she could feel energies surging through her thumb and things "moving around".

The upshot is that I wasn't doing anything, I wasn't healing her in any way, but the thumb needed healing, was asking for it, I was an open conduit, and voila, the energy flowed -- without any conscious decision or even awareness on my part. The lesson here is that the "healer" is in fact not doing any "healing". You, as "the healer," are "hanging out" to a far greater degree than you think is possible while the "healee's" body or energy field converses with the Universe. BTW this reminds me of the experiment Bill Bengston describes in which he "hung out" with his head in an fMRI while envelopes containing hairs from sick animals were dropped into his hand. When the envelopes contained hairs, his brain reacted. When empty control envelopes were placed in his hand, his brain went lah-di-dah. He had no conscious idea which envelopes contained hairs and which did not.

So the point is, don't worry, be happy, and let the healing begin, whether or not you can "hyper-cycle".

Here is a description by Dr. Bengston of how he taught the skeptical volunteers in his experiments to cycle. And now here is a link to a visual cycling aid by reader Vic Smyth.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An explosion of information about alternative cancer treatments

Lynn McTaggart, editor of the website "What Doctors Don't Tell You," has put together a teleseminar series entitled Your Blueprint for Beating Cancer. Six speakers are featured, among them Dr. Patrick Kingsley and Dr. Bernie Siegel (author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles). The series will consist of six downloadable interviews, each costing $39. The full program can be had for $177. It offers dietary suggestions, a supplement program, suggestions for lifestyle changes, plus contact information given for healing professionals. In her videotaped introduction Lynn McTaggart calls it "a blueprint for what you should do to improve your chances of survival".

Also received, a link to a new feature-length movie entitled Cancer is Curable Now. This movie features a different set of experts from the ones interviewed by Lynn McTaggart, including Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. The movie can be downloaded here for $19.97, or ordered here as a DVD.

These two programs follow on the heels of the movie about Dr. Burzynski, Cancer is Big Business, freely available for viewing on Youtube.