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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Greg Braden video on Curing Cancer Using the Technology of Emotion

This video is from Youtube. It features a talk by Greg Braden on another video in which qigong doctors in China make a uterine cancer disappear in three minutes. I like his comment that when we don't know how something is done, it's a miracle, but when we know, it becomes a technology.

This may be another answer to the question posed by Dr. Oz to Dr. Nemeh.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Revolutionary new study on breast cancer surgery

A new study has found found that for certain women with breast cancer, removal of cancerous lymph nodes is quite unnecessary, and may even be harmful.

One by one the old surgical shibboleths about breast cancer are falling by the wayside, first radical mastectomies, and now this. A doctor is even quoted as saying “I have a feeling we’ve been doing a lot of harm” by routinely removing lymph nodes that did not need to be removed and causing unnecessary suffering for thousands of women who developed complications such as infections and lymphedema.

The study has found that for women with early stage breast cancers "about 20 percent of patients, or 40,000 women a year in the United States — taking out cancerous nodes has no advantage. It does not change the treatment plan, improve survival or make the cancer less likely to recur."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paradigm changing book on cancer coming from Sounds True

It's called Embrace, Release, Heal. Its author, Leigh Fortson, was initially diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and endured the usual round of brutal treatments, only to find out that her cancer had metastasized in 2008. She was at the point where she couldn't have any more radiation or surgery, and chemotherapy wasn't deemed appropriate. She was expected to die. And then she embraced a new regime, and lived, cancer free (read more and watch a short video).

She also found thirteen other cancer survivors whose stories were similar to hers, and wrote this book. Here is her mission statement from her website:
The time has come to recognize cancer as a message to recommit to a vibrant life rather than automatically subject ourselves to a slow and meaningless demise.
The book will be published by Sounds True in May. In the meantime you can peruse the table of contents, read some excerpts and follow the author's blog.

Why is this book paradigm-changing? Because it shows that healing is possible, and gives a full complement of possibilities discussed by experts in the field of alternative healing. Because it's changing the "morphic field" of cancer, and shining a bright light of hope into the darkness and fear that surround this dreaded disease today. I believe that looking ahead we will see more and more spontaneous remissions from cancer that no one will be able to explain -- simply because we will know that it's possible.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An answer to the question Dr. Oz posed to Dr. Nemeh on his show

Dr. Oz said in his interview with Dr. Nemeh that many of his patients told him they prayed for healing, and he wanted to know why their prayers were not always answered. He asked Dr. Nemeh in what way his prayers were different that made them more effective. And Dr. Nemeh replied that everyone's prayers were the same; everyone had the same access [to God] as he did. The only thing that mattered was their "state of mind".

Here is an elaboration. A lot of people pray from their head space rather than their heart space. They pray with thought rather than feeling. And at the same time that they send up the prayer they also send up doubt. What goes out is a double message: "I ask for this, but I don't really believe I'm going to get it." "I don't really believe that prayers work." Their thoughts create an interference pattern.

Modalities such as Matrix Energetics have demonstrated that there is such a thing as instantaneous healing, but it happens from the heart space. The Matrix mantra is "drop down (into the heart space), create intent, and let go (or 'let God')". As I watched the video of Dr. Nemeh "dropping" people in his prayer service, it reminded me of what I see in Matrix workshops, except in Matrix there is a lot of silliness and laughter, whereas Dr. Nemeh's healings happen in a church in the midst of great solemnity.

But regardless of where the healings take place, the mechanism seems quite similar. Dr. Nemeh drops down into his heart space, into his faith, and becomes one with God and with the person standing in front of him, and out of this joining of the three, healing happens. No matter how you look at it it's beautiful, it's possible, and it's entirely real. Dr. Nemeh seems very skillful at holding this healing space through prayer, and what he does could become quite reproducible if he could teach others to do the same.

Here are the links to Dr. Oz's interview with Dr. Nemeh: Part One; Part Two; Part Three. Dr. Oz asks the question in Part Three.