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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Michael D'Alton in Toronto

Vancouver's Michael D'Alton is coming to Toronto to teach Level 1 (Bio-inspired) of his bioenergy healing method on May 3rd and 4th. If you are considering taking the workshop to become a practitioner, you may want to ask whether you will also need to take the significantly more expensive Level 2 before being allowed to set up a paying practice. According to information I received from someone who trained in the method, Level 2 can cost anywhere from $3500 to $6000 ($3500 is the early-bird discount). I discussed Mr. D'Alton's pricing in the context of energy healing courses in general in an earlier blogpost, "How to be a wise consumer of bioenergy healing workshops".

Sunday, April 6, 2014

An energy healer speaks out

There is a wonderful internet resource for cancer patients called CancerCompass. It provides a wide variety of forums for cancer sufferers, and among a large selection of topics on conventional treatments it also offers a section for alternative approaches. It was in this section that some years ago I first encountered the name of an energy healer who specializes in treating cancer, Kurt Peterson.

According to his website, Cancertouch, Kurt Peterson has been treating cancer exclusively since 2008 with his own signature energy healing method. He keeps meticulous records and says that between January 1st, 2009, and December 31st, 2012, he has seen a 71% success rate. Almost 3 out 4 people he treats go into remission even though the cancers he treats tend to be advanced.

There was a discussion about him on CancerCompass beginning in 2008 when someone on the forum asked whether anyone has heard of him and whether he was any good. There were some positive comments and some comments that indicated that he could not help everyone. Then suddenly he came on the board to participate in the discussion. Here is part of what he said:
I'm going to make a really bold statement here: If every major cancer hospital in the world were to use energy healers for cancer, using the DNA Signature Destruction Method, percentages of remissions would double and even triple. This is not my opinion. This is a fact. Being a healer, I've been the target of many critics over the years. I've heard every hostile name that one can throw my way and been a punching bag for the E/H industry. I'd like to see the cancer hospitals all over the world at least try to implement it. While you may not be able to charge $250,000 for it, like you can for chemo and radiation, it can still be made available as a paid service. I know that there will be critics to my message here, but that's okay. I believe that within one decade, energy healing will be a part of every single cancer patient's treatment. When a person suffering from this horrible disease witnesses another beating it with E/H then they will step up and demand it as well. This is exactly what all patients or consumers should do ... All cancer patients have huge choices to make when seeking treatment. Energy healing should be, and is, a viable adjunct treatment method for this disease.
The bottom line is that for cancer patients any kind of energy healing is a net positive, especially if they have no other options. And yet, no matter what their options are, energy healing is the one option they are being denied, in most hospitals. This is in part due to ignorance, and in part to general hostility to an idea most doctors don't understand. But shouldn't compassion, humanity and the recognition that the patient's needs come first prevail over fear and ignorance?