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Monday, May 5, 2014

Michael D'Alton in Toronto, Part 2 (Context)

Michael D'Alton was in Toronto to give Level 1 of his workshop May 3rd and 4th. People paid anywhere from approximately $500 to $1500 to attend, depending on when and where they purchased their tickets. Regardless of how much they paid, they all learned the same material and they were all likely invited to Vancouver to take more advanced levels of the method.

A friend of mine attended Mr. D'Alton's free preliminary evening and was impressed by his polished presentation. He spoke a lot about chakras and also about mind/body interaction. She read some of her notes out loud, and much of it reminded me of Louise Hay and The Secret. Some examples: if you have problems with your eyes, there is something you don't want to see; if you have problems with your ears, there is something you don't want to hear; if you have lower back problems, you feel unsupported; if you believe something, so it is. All solid New Age wisdom you can get free from your library or Youtube, and I honestly don't know anyone in my circle who doesn't already know it, but then that tells you more about who I hang around with than what the general population is aware of. I am sure the workshop itself goes into it in greater depth, and that I would find information in there that I didn't already know, but, really, $1500?

My friend and I started discussing the possibility of doing the training in Ireland with the Plexus Bioenergy folks who trained Michael D'Alton, on the grounds that a trip to Ireland would be more exotic and less expensive than a trip to Vancouver. Neither one of us has been to Ireland before, and Michael O'Doherty of Plexus Bioenergy only charges 350 euros for his Level 1, which is about US$485 or CDN$535. But then I found a webpage entitled "Plexus Bio-Energy Institute (The Domancic System) - Diploma Course Outline". The magic words here are "The Domancic System". I have already learned the Domancic Method (Level 1, US$600; Level 2, US$800) from Zdenko Domancic's authorized North American representative, Zoran Hochstatter, in Toronto and Sarasota. I imagine that the Plexus Bioenergy course is the Domancic Method plus what Michael O'Doherty added to it, and Michael D'Alton's course is the Plexus Bioenergy course plus what Michael D'Alton added to it. Since the Domancic Method is probably the most effective free-standing healing system I have encountered in all my studies (and since all healing methods are strongest at the source), I see no reason for anyone to add anything to it. So I guess there is no need for that trip to Ireland after all, unless I want to go as a tourist.

I am still puzzled about why Michael D'Alton charges 2 to 5 times more for his workshops than his peers and competitors, including the very people who taught him. Is it pure capitalism (what the market will bear)? Is it chutzpah? Or does he sincerely believe that what he offers is that much better? And if so, what are his reasons?

Postscript: Just for fun, here is Level 2 Domancic therapist Alex doing psychokinesis. He would look a lot more impressive if he weren't chewing gum, but maybe he is saying "look, I can do psychokinesis and chew gum at the same time".

Psychokinesis is one of the first things taught in the Domancic Method. Its chief purpose seems to be the wow factor it introduces, giving the client incontrovertible proof that the therapist can affect his or her energy field. It's an interesting question what it adds to healing, as many modalities manage without it.

Here is Michael D'Alton doing his version, with a cool light effect and the wow factor in full evidence. He seems to be adding a second technique we were taught called "take-out" that is also part of Pranic Healing:

And for further reference, here is psychokinesis in Zagreb:

And since I'm on a roll, I can't leave out this gem I just found, a 1986 video of Zdenko Domancic himself doing psychokinesis. Start watching at 24:18.