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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Energy healing is real, scientific experiment shows

A recent blog post from Indiana University reveals that healing energy can be measured using a geomagnetometer (also known as a gaussmeter). The experimenter was inspired by two previous studies that had shown magnetic field variations near the hands of trained healers. In this case, however, the changes in the magnetic field did not occur in the vicinity of the healer, but near the recipients of the healing, a cage of mice with cancerous tumours. The magnetic field changes appeared "in waves that resembled symmetrical 'chirp waves,' with a decrease in frequency of the oscillations followed by an increase in frequency," in effect going from random noise to organized wave activity, and then back to random noise again. When the same experiment was repeated with the healer over 600 miles away, the same oscillations appeared during the healings. The experimenter concluded that "the magnetic field activity observed during distant healing was identical to that observed during hands-on healing (on-site), suggesting a common mechanism for both types of healing." The treated mice recovered.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Another first-hand story of Bennett Mayrick

A reader named Susan has sent me the story of her own first-person encounter with Bennett Mayrick. Since first-hand accounts of Bennett Mayrick are few and far between, I am delighted to include this one in my blog.
My experience with Bennett is not extensive but I took a class taught by him somewhere in Manhattan with my mother and my aunt who were interested in all things paranormal, metaphysical and healing-oriented.

I remember Bennett well. Tall, swarthy, with long hair, he was kind of a swashbuckling healer/psychic and, as we all sat around a large conference table, he lectured and taught. Notes were taken but I don't remember much more--these were the seventies and I was a teen.

During one session, he asked us all to think of something that had been chronically bothering us physically. I was the youngest at the table and was in good shape but actually did have a chronic pain in my right shoulder blade. It was a constant nerve pain that a doctor had assumed came from years of carrying heavy books on that side and was told there was nothing to be done. It was the kind of pain that nagged on a moderate level through out the day and I was anxious to be rid of it.

Bennett walked around the table laying hands on each of us ... some had headaches and he placed his hand on their foreheads, etc. When my turn came, I directed his large hand to the spot on my back and he placed it there for no more than several minutes during which I felt discernible warmth emanating from it. That spot, which had bothered me for years, never ever hurt again. Poof--it was gone right there and then. Needless to say, even though I had been brought up to strongly believe in "faith" healing, I was very impressed and delighted. This was, of course, the highlight of the "seminar."

Susan's experience echoes Bill Bengston's story of the vanishing of his back pain after Bennett Mayrick put his hand on it. What is impressive in both these stories is that the pain, which until then had been chronic, never returned.

Thank you, Susan.