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Friday, January 2, 2009

Love, bioenergy, and miracles

The problem with all the cases presented below is that none of them constitute proof of anything.

These are the strange ones, the cases where things happen that ought not be happening and for which there is (or so we believe anyway) no current scientific explanation.

The allopathic take on these cases would be "nothing was really wrong in the first place, therefore nothing really happened."

Case one, multiple tumours disappearing between the MRI and the follow-up pre-biopsy ultrasound. The multiple tumours were confirmed by MRI (and were believed to be a recurrence of a previous cancer that had been treated with surgery), but after treatment by us, could no longer be detected. There was one single treatment event.

Case two, the "get-well blanket". In this case the very elderly parent of someone I know was diagnosed with a virulent form of lung cancer. There had been severe weight loss, which prompted the medical team to look for some kind of cancer, which then was found through a CT-scan and then confirmed by an X-ray. A second opinion was sought, which corroborated the initial diagnosis. When I first heard about this situation, it was through a group of women who were knitting what they called a "get-well blanket" for the afflicted parent. Everyone was supposed to knit a few rows and put their good wishes and prayers into their efforts. I was asked to "do my stuff" on the blanket in addition to knitting a few rows. I did "my stuff" with no conviction that it would work. (This is called "healing by proxy". Experiments have shown that substances such as water, cotton and wood shavings hold healing energy and can be used instead of direct hands-on treatment. This blanket was acrylic, so I had no high hopes for it.) The parent went for surgery and the lung was excised, but the subsequent biopsy found no trace of cancer. After the surgery to remove the non-cancerous lung, the weight-loss that had caused the suspicion of cancer in the first place reversed. Was this a tragic medical error, or a medical miracle?

Case three, Bo, the miracle dog. Twice Bo was on his "death bed". Twice he was treated, twice he recovered (the first time after bleeding through the nose for two days). He is still fine. There was no diagnosis, but there were symptoms of severe illness (refusal to eat, severe weight loss, weakness, and the second time, inability to get up). There were two single hands-on treatments, five months apart, and no treatment of any other kind.

Case four, the incredible exploding suspected melanoma. Melanoma was suspected, a biopsy scheduled, three treatments given (in which the recipient felt energy and pain). After the third treatment the melanoma swelled, exploded, drained "ugly black stuff", then healed over. By the time the scheduled biopsy was to be done, there was nothing there to biopsy. The medical take on the "ugly black stuff" draining was that it was simply "not possible".

The common thread in all four cases was that there had been no biopsy to confirm the cancer. This would lead some people to say that there had been no cancer in the first place. But other people, including some physicists, have different thoughts on the subject. Anyone who has seen the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? will be familiar with the concept of quantum possibilities. Physicist Russell Targ (following William Braud) suggests that healers can go back in time to the "seed moment" of when a disease manifests and alter the pathway of the disease. The more "set in reality" the disease is, the more difficult it is to affect it. Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics speaks of the difficulty of going against "consensus reality" and his own reluctance to take on cancer because of the weight of "consensus reality" around it. A positive biopsy sets the cancer in stone and makes it more difficult to treat. But until such time as it is "set in stone", quantum possibilities continue to exist.

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