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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some thoughts on healing for the New Year

Here is a thought to ponder for the New Year from Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe (p. 30):
Just as every portion of a hologram contains the image of the whole, every portion of the universe enfolds the whole. This means that if we knew how to access it we could find the Andromeda galaxy in the thumbnail of our left hand. We could also find Cleopatra meeting Caesar for the first time, for in principle the whole past and implications for the whole future are also enfolded in each small region of space and time. Every cell in our body enfolds the entire cosmos. So does every leaf, every raindrop, and every dust mote ...
This has profound implications for healing. If we can theoretically find the Andromeda galaxy in a thumbnail, or Cleopatra meeting Caesar, we can also find the seed moment when that first cell mutated and became cancerous, and affect it to make it reverse its course.

I invite you to read an article by William Braund, Phd, entitled "Wellness Implications of Retroactive Influence: Exploring an Outrageous Hypothesis". Here is a quote:
Consider another simple system — a small group of cancerous or precancerous cells at a certain location within the body and a natural killer (NK) cell that is roaming near those cells in a random or freely variable course. It is conceivable that there exists a point at which a random "choice" or "decision" occurs, and the NK cells could move, with 50-50 probability, either toward or away from those cancerous cells (seed moments of disease). In principle, PK or intentional influences could bias the probabilities of action of the NK cell sufficiently to promote movement toward and subsequent destruction of the small group of cancerous or precancerous cells, thereby terminating a seed moment that otherwise might have eventuated in illness or even death (several "linkages" down the line — through probability-pyramiding or snowballing effects).

When a patient appears in our office with a particular malady, we tend to think that the curing or beating of this condition involves using our armamentarium of conventional and unconventional treatments and interventions to slowly and progressively correct that malady in the present. We believe we should use our tools to chop away and gradually destroy an undesired condition that is already well established — working on what now exists, a system with great momentum and inertia. In addition to such real-time therapeutic influences, the findings reviewed in this article suggest an alternative healing pathway. Along with such real-time effects that are often taken for granted, it is possible that our healing intentions may be acting "backward in time" to influence the initial seed moments of the development of the malady that confronts us today. Such an alternative healing pathway or process might be a more effective and efficient one — an "easier" one, because it would be influencing a system at a more labile, flexible, sensitive, and susceptible stage in its development and progression. If such a process could act early and thoroughly enough, it might actually prevent the development of harmful physical or psychological processes. This would constitute an instance of true preventive medicine. Time-displaced healing modalities might actually have important advantages over real-time healing modalities.
These things might be impossible in Newton's universe, but not in Neils Bohr's. Happy New Year!


Upswing said...

You got some good synchronicity going there, sistah!

From Larry Dossey's book The Power of Premonitions, pp. 184 - 185 -- In 2001, Leonard Leibovici, professor of medicine at Israel's Rabin Medical Center, chose a group of people who had been hospitalized and released 4-10 years *earlier*, and assigned half the group to be prayed for *now*. Then, they looked at the hospital charts and found that the prayed-for people had significantly better outcomes *in the past* than the not-prayed-for people.

! ! ! ! ! !

Leibovici was wigged out by these results and decided they couldn't be trusted. Dossey proposed, a la Braud, that the prayer effected change during the seed moments when the illnesses were being initially formed, before they ever got measured.

Makes you think we should get cracking and pray for our past selves right away! That's what Cynthia Sue Larson says -- she's an intuitive with a degree in physics who believes the past is spontaneously changing from time to time, and that you can use intention to encourage changes in the past. She has lots of writings on the Internet.

Judith said...

I believe it was at the PEAR lab that there was an experiment involving stereo audio tapes with random clicks sounding either in the left ear or the right. There being a very large number of such random clicks, the distribution was 50/50. A master tape was recorded and put on file and then copies were distributed to test subjects who were instructed to try to influence the number of clicks heard on one particular side. It was found that their intention retroactively influenced the distribution of clicks on the master tape.

BTW my favourite PEAR experiment involved a random event generator (REG) on wheels and a group of newly hatched chicks that had imprinted on it as "mother". The REG was programmed to spend half its time moving toward the caged chicks and the other half moving away from them. But the desire of the chicks to have "mother" nearby was found to influence its movements -- and it was just a "dumb" machine! And if a small group of hatchlings can do this, what could we humans do? (Of course they could be smarter than we are.)

Upswing said...

I don't think Lew Smith did anything with retroactive healing? I wonder why not. He used so many other approaches. One of the themes of your blog, Judith, is that there are many different techniques -- both under the umbrella of person-to-person bioenergy healing, and under the heading of "other" such as allowing spirits to work through you. Now you're adding retroactive healing. This makes me think there may be infinite possibilities for non-material healing. We may still be in the Dark Ages regarding psi, and it may be much more expansive than we can even imagine yet.

And on that note! Here's wishing an expansive and healing-filled 2011 to you and to all your readers!

Judith said...

Some years ago a friend coaxed me to attend a panel discussion entitled "It's about Time". It was a debate between physicists and philosophers -- about time. For the first time I can remember I had the singularly strange experience of understanding every single word everyone spoke without understanding what anyone actually said. But one of the physicist very convincingly used a diagram to show that all time is now.

Happy mind-expanding New Year, too!