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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dr. Issam Nemeh in context?

Observe Dr. Issam Nemeh doing a healing over Skype, and listen to the sound that accompanies the healing. Listen to Dr. Nemeh say "everything is vibration". Is this in fact the new "energy healing" placed in a Catholic context, with God as "the Field" and "the Source" and the Holy Spirit as life energy?

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Postscript August 18, 2013: I have now also done some Skype treatments and encountered similar sound effects.

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Upswing said...

This is very exciting! If the sound only occurs when recording equipment is used, then it reminds me of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) where, for some unknown reason, voices of spirits can be heard in recordings. People who were present during recording could not hear the spirit voices with the naked ear, but they can hear them in the recordings.