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Saturday, January 22, 2011

What is needed, from someone who has been there

I just ran across a blog entry entitled "Energy healing, the connection" written by someone who experienced a cure from an incurable cancer. This is the place of the heart, the deep lasting healing, that we are all looking for. Read it, feel it. I've seen it expressed in many ways, but never like this. This is someone who truly knows.


Upswing said...

I had a little synchronicity that made something stand out for me. I read what David, "The Geordie Healer," wrote in his profile -- "I do not claim to heal; no healer can but as a healer I can connect and channel those energies that can."

And then immediately after, I read this passage from John Perkins' Shapeshifting -- 'For years, my teachers had insisted that we human beings are not the healers, only a channel. All of us have this capacity if we listen to the dream of Mother Cosmos. Open yourself to the true desires of the patient, and the Universe will do the rest. I've heard this from shamans in Indonesia, Egypt, Iran, Italy, Thailand, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and the US. The details of the ceremony are not important, but rather the connection of the patient with the powers of nature.'

It seems to me that, possibly, what the healer contributes to healing is intention, commitment, focus, effort, insight, desire. This is the *value* of ego. You have to want something in order to help it happen. The *power* to heal, though, belongs to the universal consciousness. The healer directs the power. Sort of like how a sailor uses her rudder and sails to make use of the current and wind. A good sailor can make the boat fly, but the current and wind do not originate in her.

Judith said...

I love the sailing analogy, Upswing. Also the quote. It's so true.