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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paradigm changing book on cancer coming from Sounds True

It's called Embrace, Release, Heal. Its author, Leigh Fortson, was initially diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and endured the usual round of brutal treatments, only to find out that her cancer had metastasized in 2008. She was at the point where she couldn't have any more radiation or surgery, and chemotherapy wasn't deemed appropriate. She was expected to die. And then she embraced a new regime, and lived, cancer free (read more and watch a short video).

She also found thirteen other cancer survivors whose stories were similar to hers, and wrote this book. Here is her mission statement from her website:
The time has come to recognize cancer as a message to recommit to a vibrant life rather than automatically subject ourselves to a slow and meaningless demise.
The book will be published by Sounds True in May. In the meantime you can peruse the table of contents, read some excerpts and follow the author's blog.

Why is this book paradigm-changing? Because it shows that healing is possible, and gives a full complement of possibilities discussed by experts in the field of alternative healing. Because it's changing the "morphic field" of cancer, and shining a bright light of hope into the darkness and fear that surround this dreaded disease today. I believe that looking ahead we will see more and more spontaneous remissions from cancer that no one will be able to explain -- simply because we will know that it's possible.


Upswing said...

Wow! Loved your quote from Leigh Fortson's website.

I read the pdf -- God bless that therapist Diana who just laughed out loud when she heard the fatal prognosis, and gave LF a new lease on life.

Then, I watched the video -- her doctor said diet doesn't matter?!

She said, "My cancer was an expression of the wounded parts of me that I had abandoned years ago." Great stuff!

Upswing said...

Also, as you say, it is extremely empowering to see that someone else has succeeded in doing the impossible. It changes the whole ball game. Like breaking the four-minute mile. I seem to be in sports metaphor land.....