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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Using qi gong visualisation for cancer

Exciting news: a reader named John Hill wrote to me to say that he used qi gong visualisation to treat his 93-year-old mother, who had terminal stage-4 cancer. Six months later she was cancer free. He described what he did as an
entanglement in a synchronistic dance where every day during my Qigong practice, part of the practice would be holding my 93 yr. old cancer-diseased mother in an energy ball, with energy passing from one hand, thru her to the other, circulating around, while cycling the visualizations thru my mind as my mother's cancer cells slowly disappeared. Not a cause and effect relationship - a synchronistic dance, like kids playing in a play-pen........
He also sent me a document describing his visualisations and generously agreed that they could be published in this blog. So without further ado, here they are:

All is based on “Watching the Breath” – standing feet parallel shoulder width apart, knees flexed, pelvis tucked under, most of the weight on balls of the feet, sinking into the earth, breathing abdominally thru the nose, tongue touching top of the mouth, eyes staring straight ahead in a general gaze, not on anything in particular. Best in a comfortable spot or in nature, gazing into a pleasant view. The breathing builds like a slow river, deep and relaxed, allowing thoughts “to fly” and happen, observing them and your mind/body/spirit (if you believe spirit). The thoughts tend to break-up as you pay attention to the breathing, leaving you in a state of peace, turning-on your immune system. Anywhere from a minute to ½ hr.

This state of peace accompanying “Watching the Breath” is called “The peace that passes all understanding” in Christianity. It resonates as brain Alpha waves, with the peace accompanied by alertness. Also called “the meditative state”, it has been shown by many scientific studies on meditators from TM, Yoga, Qigong/TaiChi, Sufi, etc. to enhance immune response. Most notably among the hundreds of scientific forays into measuring the effect of “meditative intent” on physical matter, the most exhaustive is “Conscious Acts of Creation” by Wm. Tiller, and the most impressive are Dr. Wm. Bengston’s controlled experiments healing mice of cancer at 5 universities, as detailed in “Chasing the Cure”.

Since we are always breathing, we always have the opportunity to “Watch the Breath”, making it possible to use our intent to change our cells. Greatly increasing the potential for cellular change is to combine visualization with our intent, especially if the visualization matches what is actually happening in Nature. For example, The Standard Model of Particle Physics tells us that a hydrogen atom is less than .0001% matter – it’s volume is the Vacuum Space, or Vacuum Energy, with more potential energy than all the matter in the universe. Put simply, all matter arises from the Vacuum Space, and on an atomic level, pops in-and-out of the Vacuum Space – the fuzz on an out of tune TV screen are electrons popping in and out of the Vacuum Space. Tiller theorizes in “Conscious Acts of Creation” that the “Spirit World” and the “Vacuum Space” are the same, meaning that the “Big Bang” issued from the Vacuum/Spirit World.

From Tiller’s model, our consciousness, especially the part associated with Spirit/Vacuum Space, can powerfully influence the atoms popping in and out of the molecules that comprise our cells. When we add the notion of Quantum Physics, that time is only a marker, really non-existant as a physical entity, we then have access to the full health range of our cells, for our whole life range.

So if, for example, I have cancer (which we all do), I should be able to enter the meditative state, and influence how the atoms popping in and out of the vacuum space appear in molecules that support my cancer cells. My intent should be able to change this cancer game plan with little effort!!!

But how???

By utilizing “watching the breath” with intent and visualization.

1) Make a general practice of viewing your breathing as a bellows, inhaling sustenance into your skin pores and lungs, the exhale driving this sustenance in bellows fashion to all your cells while exiting toxins from your pores and lungs.
2) In your extended meditative sessions, picture your consciousness as the center of a sphere and practice Macroscopic/Microscopic visualization:

Macroscopic – Hold the general intent that you are the Center of the Universe, your breathing goes infinitely in/out to the ends of creation, including all centers – the hollow center of a seed, the Big Bang, you as a tiny dot in your mother’s womb, the consciousness center of everyone past/future on the planet, every living thing growing from a dot to full growth, etc. Hold this macroscopic intention in a free-floating relaxed manner. As in all these meditative efforts, our minds will tend to drift from the intent – that’s fine, in fact this drifting adds to the ground covered, as long as you allow yourself to come back to your original intent/visualization. While existing as Center, also include the center of each cell, molecule, and atom of your body. Since you are breathing love from the center of creation to the infinite ends of creation, you are also breathing this love from the center of each cell in your body throughout the universe that is your body/mind/spirit. Your universe is also your mom and dad making love at your beginning through all things you have and will experience – all these things are visible from the center of your sphere.

Microscopic – Hold the general intent that your body, etc. is expanding to fill the entire universe, your atoms infinitely spread apart, so that the Andromeda Galaxy could be a tiny part of, say, your spleen. You are breathing in the Vacuum/Spirit Space, and your intent upholds all matter popping in and out of the Vacuum Space, the galaxies, all life, etc. You are breathing love thru everything that ever did or will exist, as the atoms pop in/out of the Vacuum supporting these things of past/present/future.

YOU ARE WASHING IT ALL WITH LOVE, even the atoms of everyone you ever knew or will know. This love to your universe, delivered thru your bellows breathing and your intent/visualization can influence the way your atoms pop in-out of the Vacuum Space, especially with time not existing, you both have/don’t have cancer, with the “don’t have” part gaining supremacy in your universe.
Thank you, John, for this beautiful contribution.

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Upswing said...

Thank you, John Hill, for sharing this visualization with us. And that's wonderful about your healing your mother! It really sounds like you have found a way to dance with the "Vacuum Space" or "Spirit World," aligning yourself with it, and gently breathing your intentions into being.

Your Macroscopic visualization has elements in common with an NDE life review -- it has that panoramic feeling.