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Monday, September 5, 2011

Anita Moorjani quotes for energy healers

Anita Moorjani is a cancer survivor who had a remarkable NDE experience. She returned from near-death and organ failure to experience a full cure from lymphoma. During her NDE she had a number of insights that I feel are quite pertinent for energy healers, especially those who deal with cancer patients. Here is a selection.

Anita Moorjani on time and choices:
Time seems to have a completely different meaning on [the other] side. What I felt was that all possibilities exist simultaneously – it just depends which one you choose. Sort of like being in an elevator, where all the floors of a building exist, but you can choose which floor to get off on. So if all the future possibilities exist for me to choose from, then I assume all the past scenarios exist too. So depending which future possibility I choose, that will also determine which past automatically comes with it (I chose life, so it affected the past, choosing the appropriate test result for the organ function).
Anita Moorjani on awareness and possibilities:
[I]magine there is a huge warehouse, which is dark, and you live in this warehouse with one flashlight. Everything you know about this warehouse is seen through the light of this one small flashlight. Whenever you want to look for something, you may or may not find it, but it does not mean the thing does not exist. It is there, but you just haven’t flashed your light on it. You can only see what your light is focused on. Then one day, someone flicks on a lightswitch, and for the first time, you can see the whole warehouse. The vastness of it is almost overwhelming, you can’t see all the way to the end, and you know there is more than what you can see. But you do see how all the products are lined up on all the shelves, and you notice just how many different things there are in the warehouse which you never noticed, never even conceived having existed, yet they do, simultaneously with the things you know existed (those are the things your flashlight had been able to find). Then, even when the light switch goes back off, nothing can take away the understanding and clarity of your experience. Even though you are back to one flashlight, you now know how to look for things.
Anita Moorjani on energy and cancer:
I saw all people as “energy”, and depending where our energy level was, that was the world we created for ourselves. The understanding I gained from this was that if cancer was not in our “energy”, then it was not in our reality. If feeling good about ourselves was in our energy, then our reality would be positive. If cancer was in our energy, then even if we eradicated it with modern medicine, it would soon come back. But if we cleared it from our energy, the physical body would soon follow. None of us are as “real” or physical as we think we are. From what I saw, it looked like we are energy first, and physical is only a result of expressing our energy. And we can change our physical reality if we change our energy. (Some people have mentioned I use the term “Vibration”). For me, personally, I was made to feel that in order to keep my energy/vibration level up, I only had to live in the moment, enjoy every moment of life, and use each moment to elevate the next moment (which then elevates my future). It is in that moment of elevating your energy level that you can change your future (like my test results). It sounds very simplistic, but it felt very deep when I was experiencing the understanding of it.
Read the full article here or read another post here.

Here are some questions that these quotes raise for me:

Can an energy healer effectively facilitate the removal of "cancer" from a client's energy field? Will that result in a "cure"?

If the healer succeeds in this, but the client does not change his or her life and energy patterns and belief systems, can the cancer reappear in the energy field and subsequently in the body?

Is changing one's life and energy patterns and belief systems to bring them into line with these universal truths sufficient in and of itself to create healing?

Is it more useful to treat a client or to teach the client to heal him or herself?

Is it possible to go back to the seed moment when the cancer began and choose a different outcome? Is this something the cancer sufferer needs to do for him or herself, or can a practitioner do it from the outside?

Please feel free to add your own questions -- or answers.

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Postscript March 13, 2012: And now here is a link to fantastic audio interview with Anita and Wayne Dyer.

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Sheila Joshi said...

Great Moorjani quotes. Key questions.

Maybe you need an assortment of arrows in your quiver to help with different scenarios. Moorjani seems to have benefited from a combination of factors -- a lot of work on herself before and during her cancer, capped off by a gift of grace from the Tao and/or her higher self.

-- the artist formerly known as Upswing :)