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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Researcher tackles "unexpected remissions"

I thank Sheila for this link, which made me want to whoop with joy.

Coming on the heels of Dr. Lissa Rankin's inspiring TED talk on what health truly is, and how healthcare should address it, Dr. Kelly Turner's research on what she calls "unexpected remissions" is giving me even more hope for the future of medicine.

I recommend reading her article, "When Cancer Disappears", accessible through the link above, but in the meantime here are the highlights:

1) Dr. Turner doesn't like calling "spontaneous remissions" spontaneous, because they may not be -- but they are certainly unexpected. A "spontaneous" or "unexpected" remission is when a cancer heals without allopathic treatment, or through other means after allopathic treatment failed.

2) Dr. Turner interviewed 20 people who experienced such remissions and 50 holistic healers all over the world for her research.

3) She summarizes her findings and outlines the beliefs and practices she most commonly found among those who healed. Her findings echo what I and my energy healing colleagues have been saying for years. Energy blockages need to be released. The lifestyle that contributed to the cancer needs to be changed. There is a mind-body-spirit interaction and an energy that connects all three. The will to live matters. And, as Leigh Fortson said in her book Embrace, Release, Heal, it is important for cancer patients to have choices and to feel in control of their treatment.

Dr. Turner, who is not a physician but a researcher in the field of Integrative Oncology, has a website on which she is collecting stories of "unexpected remissions". She is also at work on a book for cancer patients summarizing her research.

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