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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Anatomy of a miracle - part 2

In "Anatomy of a miracle" I described several cases of spontaneous remission from advanced cancer. And now here is another one from Qigong Master Chunyi Lin, who was recently interviewed by Shifra Hendrie on her internet series Quantum Healing.

Chunyi Lin's wife suffered from lung cancer, and like Anita Moorjani, she came to her final hours. Unlike Anita Moorjani, she was not in a coma and she did not have an NDE. What she did have, like Anita Moorjani, was a miraculous recovery from terminal cancer -- in her case lung cancer.

In the interview Chunyi Lin describes his wife as having had a lot frustration and anger in her life and not being open to healing. In her final days he had a doctor friend speak to her and tell her that a Western medical diagnosis was only one part of a much larger picture and that people could heal from life-threatening diseases even in terminal stages by opening their heart, and by deploying that most powerful tool of healing, forgiveness. Two days later in the emergency room Chunyi Lin heard his wife openly express feelings of love publicly for the first time. Then she closed her eyes in meditation and saw a beautiful light and within two weeks all her tumours disappeared.

Chunyi Lin believes that all healing comes from the heart. "No one can heal you," he says, "unless you believe you can heal yourself from your heart." He also believes in the power of unconditional love and forgiveness. Like Larry Crane, he advocates loving your tumour, loving your asthma, loving your arthritis unconditionally. With that love, you consciously bring in light and joy, and bathed in that light and joy your conditions can dissolve into healing. The mind makes a decision to open the heart, and the heart brings in the energies you need to heal you.

All this may seem quite simplistic to Western minds, and even evoke anger. But as I give bioenergetic support to cancer patients the image that often comes to me is that the patient is like a nut: a soft kernel encased in a hard shell. That shell is the ego, and it forms a barrier to the healing energy the patient needs. It's not only a barrier to the energy I try to provide, but also to the universal life energy (qi or ki) that circulates freely through us all, day in day out, when we are soft and open.

Qigong in all forms, including the Spring Forest Qigong Chunyi Lin teaches, opens us to the energies of the universe. When this energy available to us and circulates freely inside us, many diseases can be healed from within.

Here are some beautiful qigong meditations I received from reader John Hill, who used them to facilitate the healing of his 93-year-old mom from end-stage cancer.

Postscript March 5, 2012: A few days ago I ran across an article on Yahoo News about a 48-year-old woman who had a massive heart attack. Doctors worked for hours on reviving her but were unsuccessful and finally her husband and daughter were called in to say their goodbyes. Leaning over, her husband whispered "I love you" in her ear. She suddenly gripped her daughter's hand and came back to life -- with no brain damage from oxygen deprivation. Another testament to the power of love?

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