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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Audio interview with Anita Moorjani and Wayne Dyer on the Aware Show

And the good stuff keeps coming ... Here is a link to an interview with Anita Moorjani and Wayne Dyer on the Aware Show.

The stuff needs to be shouted from the rooftops. About 20 minutes into the interview Anita explains how she can still return to the bliss state she experienced during her NDE:
It's actually the opposite of focusing or choosing ... it's almost like a release, like a letting go, like a surrender ... so there is no goal or anything ... it's like any sense of wanting to attain anything has to be released. This is the dichotomy: even the desire to attain that state has to be released, so it's literally a state of total release and total surrender, so there is no attachment to anything physical, any outcome or even a physical body ... Once I do that ... it feels as though I have access to the infinity, to the higher, to the unlimited, to the potential, to the ambiguity. The minute you put limitations on it, any kind of limitation, even the limitation of "this is the state I want", you are limiting the possibility. It really means opening yourself up to absolutely anything ... with no expectations, and you become available to everything, absolutely everything.
At about the 48 minute mark Wayne and Anita discuss the role of fear in cancer. Anita points out that we have been socialized to fear cancer when in fact cancer is a symptom, like a scab over a wound. She suggests everything we now do just treats the symptoms and no one looks at what really causes cancer. She believes the real cause is fear, that when fear becomes deeply ingrained on a cellular level it is physically expressed as cancer. Cancer awareness campaigns and the focus on early detection only exacerbate this fear (I would comment that cancer treatment exacerbates it even more). The solution (from Wayne): discover the changeless, deathless part of you, remind yourself that you are not your body, but an infinite spiritual being having a human experience. Anita's solution: find your joy and live from your passion. Your job here is not to please others but to live from your own authenticity. Amen to that.

Their advice ultimately boils down to developing absolute trust in a benevolent universe in the face of all fear and all apparent evidence to the contrary, which would seem to me a difficult task for cancer patients -- but a very necessary one.

To those who scoff, I would suggest perusing the research of Dr. Alastair Cunningham on long-term cancer survivors in his Healing Journey Program, which corroborates what Anita suggests here. I would also suggest that the testimony of someone who came back from the brink of death, and shortly afterwards found herself mysteriously cured of terminal stage-4 cancer, is of far greater worth to me than the testimony of a dozen oncology experts.


Susan said...

Thank you for pointing me towards Anita'a story. I've just finished her book, which I found immensely inspiring.

Greetje said...

My mother passed away mid February. The last weeks especially were amazing with the veil between here and beyond getting thinner. The very last day only her pure essence: PURE LOVE shone through. Everything else fell away... And nothing but her Essence came though... And then a few weeks later I saw ANita's interviews on Youtube.. EXACTLY!!! Thank you, I keep listening as often as I can . Namaste from Holland

Judith said...

I am sorry about your loss, Greetje. I too have felt what you describe. Someone I know who volunteers in a hospice says that she likes sitting with the dying because "the veils between the worlds thin" and you can feel that love that Anita describes flowing through.