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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The new "new kid on the block" part 2: Russian Organ Regeneration

I've now had the opportunity to attend two workshops on this somewhat awkwardly named method. It is called "organ regeneration" because that is precisely what the founders claim it can do: regrow organs. In a series of videos on Youtube entitled "Light of Eternity" people speak of regrowing organs: wombs, gall bladders, missing bits of lung, new teeth.

Another name for the method is "Russian New Knowledge". It is based on the work of three Russian healers, Grigori Grabovoi, Arcady Petrov, and Igor Arapjev. When I first encountered the method, I saw it as a kind of targeted prayer, and I wondered if it was similar to what Dr. Issam Nemeh did when he healed people.

The main premise of Russian Organ Regeneration is that there is a state of divine perfection from which one deviates in illness and to which it is possible to return. The name for this state of perfection is "the Creator's norm". The second premise is that the healing of anyone benefits all of Creation, as it helps return Creation to the norm of perfection that the Creator intended. The third premise is that we are co-creators with the Creator, and therefore have a say in how things unfold.

The method works in part by going back to the time before the illness started, to the first event which caused one to deviate from the Creator's norm. From that point in time a different path is chosen, the path that leads one back to the state of health that is the Creator's norm. This is similar to some Hawaiian huna practices. In huna if you injure yourself you replay the scenario in your mind in a way that avoids the injury altogether. The body can then be tricked into behaving as if the injury never happened. But this requires a certain kind of concentration that most people are not able to produce. Some of the practices of Russian Organ Regeneration, meditations developed by Grigori Grabovoi, focus on developing this level of concentration.

Russian Organ Regeneration shares with Matrix Energetics the belief that we are essentially made of light and information. Information can be manipulated to create changes in the physical body. To me the most helpful part of the second workshop -- a true "aha" moment -- was the understanding that change percolates down from the information level through the energetic level to the somatic (the body). It is easy to create change on the information level, but it takes energy and focus to bring it down into the body. Elsewhere I've discussed the difference between energy healing and informational healing. Energy healing supports the physical body and can speed up healing -- but informational healing can be instantaneous. This is the level at which spontaneous remissions happen.

According to Grigori Grabovoi information can be manipulated through vibration. Everything has vibration: light, sound, colour, numbers. Grabovoi has devised a "number pharmacy" in which each condition is paired with a number that corrects its vibration. The "number pharmacy" and the concentration exercises Grabovoi teaches to help people develop focus are both available on Amazon.

This method should resonate with those who have deep spiritual grounding and are comfortable with prayer and the idea of a benevolent Creator. I personally would not rule out the notion of organ regeneration just because it sounds implausible. The Russians are well ahead of the west in the science of what we call the paranormal. I recommend reading Claude Swanson's huge tome on the subject, Life Force: The Scientific Basis, also available through Amazon.


Anonymous said...

There was a very hot spot in the middle of the palm. Not sure if that is right. What do you think?

Judith said...

That's what happens with most energy therapies. Interesting feeling, isn't it?