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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

An uphill battle still

Recently I read an article entitled "It takes courage to ‘fight’ cancer; it takes the same to give in" in the Globe and Mail. It was about a conversation overheard in a hospital between an elderly cancer patient and his doctor, in which the patient declined further treatment because it was not doing anything for him and decided to take his chances with whatever fate had in store for him.

Such patients are great candidates for bioenergy treatments, which have no side effects and can be very helpful with palliation and quality of life issues.

I decided to add a comment to the article and say so. When I checked back a few hours later, my comment was at the bottom of the heap, with 18 thumbs down and a few replies saying that I should stay on topic and one with the words "snake oil" in it.

Why so many thumbs down? It causes me pain to know that we have the power to ease the suffering of cancer patients and have no means of reaching them.

Many people commenting on the article applauded the courage of the person who made the decision to stop treatment. Did these same people vote down my suggestion that there was something out there that could help him? In effect, they applauded the person's suffering, but voted down the possibility that it might be alleviated. 

What a strange society we live in.

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