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Friday, January 30, 2009

Bioenergy and Cancer

Cancer as an "energy parasite"

It has long been my opinion that cancer is an energy disease. That is why it has been so difficult to find a cure for it, because researchers have simply been coming at it from the wrong angle, focusing ever more minutely on ever smaller disease entities, and trying to find a separate solution for each particular cancer when there are too many kinds to count.

Think of cancer as an energy parasite: something that finds a way to corrupt the cells of the human body so they funnel the patient's life energy to feeding and growing the cancer. Existing treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation simply make the host inhospitable to the parasite, but at great cost to the host itself. In most cases the parasite simply goes dormant in response to treatment and then returns with a vengeance when the host recovers and once again becomes a potentially hospitable environment. I seem to recall some research that mentioned finding "super-cancer" cells that were not affected by treatment and triggered other cells to become cancerous; these "super-cancer" cells may be just the parasite I am talking about here.

At any rate, it has now been my experience that energy healing does affect cancer. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of cancer it is. Certain forms of bioenergy in sufficiently strong doses do something to cancer that makes it behave differently from the way it normally does. Or maybe it's the body that's persuaded behave differently than it normally does with cancer. We do not know whether bioenergy healing provides a boost of life energy that allows the body to tackle the cancer, or a burst of information about what's "normal," making the body recognize the cancer as "not normal" and act upon it. It could be both. Or in some cases it could be a quantum event, where one moment there is cancer, and the next moment there is not. Before you scoff, I've heard of this happening, and I've also met someone to whom it has happened. "There are more things on heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio."

So bioenergy does affect cancer, but at the moment we are still wearing diapers when it comes to our ability to use it. Most treatments and information downloads are too weak to do much more than make the cancer patient feel better. But there are now some bioenergy therapies, such as the Bengston Method and the Domancic Method, that seem promising in terms of increasing survival.

When I first found Bill Bengston's "mouse" paper ("The effect of the 'laying on of hands' on transplanted breast cancer in mice") and read his astonishing results (87.9% remission in a cancer known to be 100% fatal) I had two thoughts. One was that someone finally had the guts to test bioenergy healing on something that really mattered (usually it's tested on Mickey Mouse stuff such as "adjunctive opioid relief", "effect on anxiety" or "post-operative wound healing") and two, that maybe we have made an evolutionary leap as a species and could suddenly use energy to heal cancer. From the 1960s to 2000 no healer given this mouse model other than Bill could cure the cancerous mice. But maybe since then we have made an evolutionary leap. Maybe others can do it too. (Mehmet Oz asked this question, too, in his recent interview with Bill.)

Not to take anything away from Dr. Bengston, but would it not be a grand thing for the world at large (and especially for cancer sufferers) if we were to find out that his ability was not unique and special, but something more wide-spread than we thought? That the potential exists in a substantial segment of the population, and we just haven't thought of trying it yet, or we just don't know how?

Energy healing in a Sheldrake-ian world model

I am hearing of more and more people suddenly discovering an ability to heal with their hands. I am also seeing more and more healing modalities popping up on the internet. What I find truly amusing is that almost every person who discovers it thinks that they are the only one and many then proceed to give the thing a name and try to sell it.

A few years ago a chiropractor from a state that shall remain unnamed discovered an ability to do distance adjustments. He would "see" what was wrong and then fix it without having to touch the person, or without even having to be in the same physical location. He put up a website on which he described his ability and encouraged people to phone him with their ailments. He was a decent guy: he asked for payment only if the treatment worked, and he left it up to his phone-in patients to be honest enough to pay him. But the board of chiropractors of the unnamed state began to huff and puff that this was not the way chiropractic was meant to be done, and they threatened to withdraw his licence. Soon his website was gone. I have no idea what happened to him. But other chiropractors from other states, such as Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics) and Erik Pearl (Reconnective Healing), did rather better for themselves with the modalities they discovered.

It does make sense to me that as more and more people learn, develop and discover the ability to heal, a small, and growing, number of those people might also be able to affect cancer. It is also likely, in a Sheldrake-ian model of the world, that the more of us know how to do this, the more it will become part of the information field "out there", and the better we will become at it as individuals and as a species. That would mean that energy healing is the up-and-coming thing. Good news all around, I should think.


Unknown said...

I was wondering if you've heard about bioenergy based water that cures cancer patients.

Judith said...

I learned both in Reiki and from Dr. Bengston that you can charge water with energy and give it to patients. In the 1960s Bernard Grad did studies with charged water and found that plants given charged water grew faster. But when Dr. Bengston did a study giving charged water to cancer patients, he found no correlation between consumption of the water and healing.