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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And now for something different ...

In keeping with the mandate of this blog to keep you informed of the use of energy healing to treat cancer, I will now comment on some other interesting things that have recently come my way.

I've received a notice from the Bioenergy Life Center, the American representatives of the Domancic Method, about their next two healing events in Sarasota. Therapists at the Domancic Clinic in Europe have claimed to treat cancers with success, but I do not know whether the American clinic does. These four-day healing events are by donation and participants need to pre-register. There is also a talk and a demonstration coming up in Toronto on November 10th from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Then the other day I was trolling the Matrix Energetics website and found a discussion on a newly arrived Russian healing method whose claim to fame seems to be that it teaches people to regenerate organs. Some of the discussion is "Matrix-specific", but as you scroll down you will find more information about the "organ regeneration" workshop itself. I was most impressed by an account of someone using the method to restore movement in a quadriplegic.

And finally, most relevant to this blog, I read about a healer named Kurt Peterson in the alternative healing section of a cancer website called Cancer Compass. Mr. Peterson charges quite a bit for his treatments, but also appears to have successes. I cannot in any way vouch for him, since I do not personally know him or his work, but the discussion string is interesting. And Cancer Compass in itself is an excellent website, providing discussion forums on multiple topics and cancers, as well as treatment information and group support for cancer sufferers and caregivers.

Since the internet is not the most reliable source of information, I hope that readers who have had personal experiences with the Domancic Method, the Russian Organ Regeneration Method, or Mr. Peterson's treatments will be willing to share them with me.

Postscript May 16, 2011: I just found this interview with Kurt Peterson, explaining what he does.

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Unknown said...

I looked at Mr. Peterson's website, and noticed that he is also going to do some type of workshop next year. It states that he's looking for energy healers from around the world to attend it. He further states that two of them will get to work in a cancer hospital for a one year study. I'd love to see all of the big cancer facilities have energy healers working for the benefit of people suffering from cancer. Maybe Mr. Peterson's one year study will further push this to fruition. It seems like we're still very far behind most other countries when it comes to energy healing. Great blog! Very informative and interesting!