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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anita Moorjani, "Dying to Be Me" -- a commentary

I just finished reading Anita Moorjani's newly released book, "Dying to Be Me". As you may have seen in previous posts, I am a great fan of Anita's message. Her book is a must-read for cancer patients, their family members and caregivers -- maybe even their doctors, although I could see some doctors scoffing at her story as being just too unbelievable. It may be unbelievable, but she does have the medical tests to prove its truth, and it does classify as the mother of all "unexpected remissions".

Anyone who reads this post likely knows at least the bare-bones sketch of Anita's story, her lymphoma, her arrival at the hospital in a coma, her diagnosis of organ failure and imminent death, her near-death experience, and her exuberant return to health. To me the most important part of her message to cancer patients is "you have nothing to fear". Since everyone's greatest fear usually concerns dying and ceasing to exist, her experience of death as a release into painlessness, lightness, love and acceptance offers a huge message of hope.

To me the greatest problem with how we view cancer today is the phenomenal fear that is associated with it. People receive a cancer diagnosis and immediately their mind processes it as a death sentence. The way the world looks at them changes; they become heroic victims. Everyone participates in the fear.

I have long sensed that cancer feeds on fear, and in Anita's book I read that she feels that her cancer was caused by fear. Fear causes contraction in the body, in the spirit, in the mind. Contraction is contrary to health. So the disease that was caused by fear is then fed by fear. This is not far fetched: fear is a huge stressor, and studies have demonstrated that stress helps cancer grow.

Anita's book offers an antidote to that fear.

To me as an energy healer the most hopeful part of her message was that cancer is a disease of the soul that expresses itself first in the energy field and then in the body. If you remove it from the energy field, it will also disappear from the body, without needing to leave through the usual physical channels. This is what happened to Anita: her doctors said that if her billions of cancer cells had been eliminated by her liver, her kidneys, her lymphatic system, the toxicity alone would have killed her. Yet her cancer simply vanished, with no adequate explanation.

Could this be how all spontaneous remissions happen? Something causes the disease to vanish from the energy field, and then it just goes poof from the body as well? Should we then not be concentrating on finding the best way of treating diseases in the energy field rather than mucking about, painfully and inefficiently, with surgery and drugs on the physical plane?

Here is the link to Anita's book, a link to my previous post, "Anita Moorjani quotes for energy healers", and now also a link to a great audio interview with Anita and Wayne Dyer.


Sheila Joshi said...

You make a *very* interesting point about the possible explanation for miraculously *rapid* healing -- that it does not happen as much through the physical channels.

Moorjani also made a very striking comment in the book about how Western medicine is largely dedicated to detecting cancer. Talk about creating your own nemesis! And, of course, what a profitable nemesis it is.....

Canada said...

Dying to be Me is one of those rare books that has had such a profound affect on me that it actually changed my life! I have been a student of the NDE for over 30 years...ever since reading Raymond Moody's book, Life After Life. I have also been both a translator of NDEs in Spanish and Portuguese as well as a research associate with the Near Death Experience Research Foundation and have read literally thousands of NDE accounts. Despite all this background and exposure to near-death accounts, when I first came across Anita Moorjani's amazing story, I was positively electrified by her experience and by the power, clarity and insight into all she saw and experienced while in the NDE state! Her articulate, brilliant command of English and the subtleties of meaning, went far beyond how most NDE accounts are expressed. Coming from a multi-cultural, multi-lingual woman of Indian heritage who grew up in the cosmopolitan environment of Hong Kong, I was transfixed by her story and read it over and over again.