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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bioenergy healing and fear

I had coffee yesterday with a friend and colleague of mine, Ellen. She and I had studied with Dr. Bengston together, then we both learned the Domancic method together. We were two-thirds of the team that treated "Mischa" and another pancreatic cancer patient, both of whose lives were significantly extended through bioenergy treatments.

Ellen is now part of a group of practitioners who run monthly Domancic clinics in Toronto. These are based on the clinics run by the founder of the method, Zdenko Domancic, in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. Mr. Domancic has been holding clinics in Kranjska Gora since the nineties, and he and his therapists have successfully treated hundreds of thousands of people with conditions such as cancer, heart disease, MS, diabetes, among many others.

People have been finding out about Ellen's Domancic clinics mostly through word of mouth, although she also sends out e-mails and I put the most recent one on Kijiji. People call, inquire, ask questions and then maybe decide to attend. Sometimes they decide to attend and then call back to say "something else has come up". Sometimes the people who call to say "something else has come up" are very ill and very much in need of what the Domancic Method has to offer. So yesterday over coffee we were discussing the meaning of "something else has come up".

My opinion was that people don't understand energy healing and because they don't understand it they are afraid of it. They are afraid that it might not work, but in some cases they are equally afraid that it might. For Ellen and me, immersed for years in the world of healing energy, it is as natural as breathing. It is just a different way of looking at the world, including the unseen as well as the visible, as simple as making the shift from living in a Newtonian universe of objects bumping off each other to a quantum universe of intersecting waves and energies. In our view the quantum universe is both more benign and offers greater opportunities for healing than the Newtonian one. In my view, the quantum universe is the place where "spontaneous remissions" happen.

I am puzzled by this fear of the unknown. People are scared to try energy healing, yet these same people will go to doctors and hospitals to be poked with needles, cut open, radiated and burnt, and to have poisonous fluids injected into their veins that cause them to vomit and lose their hair. Some of them will die from the treatment. The same people who are brave enough to subject themselves to these painful physical assaults are afraid to receive healing energy. Why? One answer is that they are afraid it might not work. But are they not afraid chemo or radiation might not work? The worst-case scenario with energy healing if it "doesn't work" is that nothing happens. The worst-case scenario with chemo and radiation is far, far, far worse.

Ellen and I treated a patient with pancreatic cancer for a whole year after he received his stage-4 diagnosis. Yes: a whole year, even though he was supposed to be dead in 7 months. During that year he took long walks, did major clean-up jobs and some improvement projects around the house, and helped a neighbour with a building project. His naturopath marvelled at his condition and told him that people with his kind and stage of cancer usually came to see him with walkers, wheelchairs, or not at all. Then after a year he stopped his energy treatments. Eventually a family member convinced him to try palliative chemotherapy. Why? What do people think palliative chemotherapy will accomplish? The family member did not understand energy healing but apparently had some kind of magical belief in medical treatment. So the man who was able to take long walks on an energy healing regimen started throwing up and losing significant weight on the allopathic one, and soon after became unable to live any kind of a normal life. Palliative chemotherapy was abandoned because it wasn't working and a short few months later he died.

So let me ask the question again: what are people afraid of with energy healing? Please send me your questions and comments and let's get a discussion going.

PS: to be clear, I am not advocating that people with treatable cancers abandon their allopathic treatment in favour of energy healing. I am saying, however, that energy healing does have something of great value to add to that treatment, and in the case of very advanced or end-stage cancers, it can produce a far better quality of life than palliative chemo and radiation.


Eric Berger said...


First, thank you again for this blog!

To your question - allopathic medicine is based in materialism which is the dominant western world view that we all grow up believing in or at least heavily exposed to. It is very hard for people to let go of this belief even when faced with clear evidence that energy medicine works. When we are met with skepticism from the consensus view we can easily slide back into conformity to the dominant world view.

Thanks again!


Judith said...

Hi Eric,

IMHO if one's paradigm is harmful to one's health and wellbeing, it's time to consider changing it :)

The western paradigm of mindless materialism has been harmful on so many fronts and it especially hurts cancer patients. Many of those patients likely developed cancer in the first place because of the pollution caused by this paradigm!

Thank you as always for appreciating my blog.